Hi There, Momma or Momma-to-be!  I’m glad that you’ve stopped by and that means you’re either looking to save some green$$$, looking to live more green or maybe a little of both!  If you are then cloth diapers are right up your alley 🙂

About me

My name is Sara Hughes. A momma of one living in Wisconsin, I’m passionate about cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, natural births, home births, natural family living, and other “crunchy” things. I’m trying to change the world, one blog post and one diaper party at a time 🙂

Being a cloth diapering mom, I understand how overwhelming and hard it can be to choose the cloth diapering system that is right for you!  I learned by buying different types of diapers until I finally had the right system for me.   But that took some trail and error plus a lot of personal and online reviews, so I thought, how nice it would be to throw a diaper party where moms and moms-to-be could look at the different options, try them out, talk about them together, etc… So, I teamed up with www.diaperparties.com!

Diaper Party Details

Why have a cloth diaper party?

Cloth diapering has changed so much in the past 10 years.  The diapers and covers my mom used on me were some of the only options out there (back in the early 80’s).  Now there is a cloth diapering solution for almost any type of family out there!  Whether you are looking for the least expensive, easiest, the hippest, the most practical, or the quick on the go solution, you have options.  But, most moms(like myself) don’t figure out a system that works best for you until you spend your cloth diaper budget on 5 different systems.  So what’s the best way to start deciding what cloth diaper is right for you?  Take a look at them, feel them, get to actually see what they are before you purchase them.

What is a cloth diaper party?

A cloth diaper party is an opportunity for a group of moms(and moms to be) to come together to try out these diapers.  Grab some dolls and try these diapers out!  Practice putting them on.  We give you some of our customers’ recommendations on what covers work well with what diapers below.  Each diaper and accessory comes with its own “cheat sheet” so you can read about the product and how to use it, while seeing, touching, and trying it!  Pass the diapers around!  Talk about them and share your ideas in a group.  Plus, if you’re within one hour for Salem, WI 53168 I will personally attend your party for questions, concerns and to show you how all the diapers work!

How do I host a cloth diaper party?

First, pick a date- give yourself at least 6 weeks(to get the kit to you in time, and to get the word out).  Contact me at sara@diaperparties.com to reserve your date if you are located within an hour of Salem, WI 53168 and you will not need to order a kit.  Great ways of spreading the word include posting flyers locally, calling your local breastfeeding support person, massage therapists, and yoga instructors.  If you want help designing a flyer, just let us know and we can make one for you.  Have a potluck- a great way to meet new people and try new foods!  This way too, you aren’t trying to cook and serve, and you can be part of it.  Then open up the box of goodies and start going through the cloth diapers.

Does is cost anything to host a party?

If we have a diaperparties.com rep in your area, then no, they will provide the kit and materials and come to your party. (I’m located in Salem, WI 53168 so if you’re within a 1 hour radius please contact me at sara@diaperparties.com to setup a party!)  But if you are hosting on your own, then we do ask you to pay the $25.00 it costs to ship the kit to you and back to us. This may seem high, but the kit is insured and shipped through UPS for tracking purposes and helps protect both of us. Remember, you are earning 10% in store credit, so a party that sells $1000, you will still get $75 in credit in the end( along with a free goodie!)

Some moms decide together to have the party and they put in $1-$5 to cover the shipping and then share the 10% credit. It’s up to you how to do it, but the orders we will ship to you for free!

What are the perks of a diaper party?

Aside from the getting to actually see/feel the different cloth diapers, we have added a few incentives to get cloth diapers out there.

First, as the hostess, you will receive a 10% credit on the total purchase from your party!  So if the ladies order $500 worth of diapers from the party- then you receive $50 in store credit, $1000 sold, you receive $100 credit!

Plus, everyone who orders at the party gets free shipping. –  That includes ANY items you purchase(organic toys, breast pads, slings, birth supplies and much more in the catalog!)  Birth tubs/pools are not included with free shipping.

What happens after the party?

The orders are sent back to us in the box with the cloth diapers.  There will be a UPS call tag inside the box, simply place in on the outside(over the old label) and drop it off at any UPS location.  I will process the order on this end and then ship all of the orders in one box back to you.  The orders will be sorted with receipts for everyone to come and pick them up.  If anyone would like to have their order shipped directly to them, regular shipping rates apply.

Why use Cloth Diapers?

  1. Great on baby – Soft on their skin with no harsh chemicals and plastics.
  2. Great on the environment – No more contributing to the huge waste in landfills.  The average baby in disposable diapers contributes about 2 TONS of waste to landfills. Plus, the stool should be rinsed down the toilet not thrown into the landfills where it leaches into the ground.
  3. Great on your budget – Disposable diapers can cost $2000 to $4000, while a complete cloth diapering system(from birth to potty training)  can cost as little as $500.00!  Plus you can use the diapers again on baby # 2, 3, ………….- You can’t reuse your disposables!


Still have some questions? Give us a call and we are happy to help you figure out what is right for you. 1-800-370-1683 or email sara@diaperparties.com Not interested in having a diaper party, but want to purchase some of these diapers?  Go directly to our store:

Everything Birth 

(All the above information is from www.diaperparties.com)


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