Host & Guest Perks/Credits

Diaper Parties is a new concept to spreading the word about cloth diapers by showing parents how far cloth diapering has come over the years – seriously, these are NOT your mom’s diapers! There are no pins, no plastic pants, heck they even have hybrid systems where you toss the insert away (biodegradable) instead of washing them.

 We’ve done all the work so moms can easily host a party from the comfort of their own home and invite all their mom (or mom-to be) friends over for some information and fun.  Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are welcome, too! 


Not only will you save THOUSANDS by switching to cloth but…

 ~ The Party Host earns 10%* in credit from party sales toward their order plus a FREE wet bag for booking a party!

 ~ The Party Host earns a FREE Bamboo Baby AIO OS Diaper for a party selling over $1,000!

 ~ The Party Guests earn 10% back on their order placed at the party toward their next purchase!**

 ~ The Party Guest(s) who books a party with 3 unique Guests DOUBLE their store credit PLUS earns the Party Host credit of 10%* and a FREE wet bag at their party! 

~ The Entire Party receives FREE SHIPPING***

I also have a referral program (please contact me for details)! 

Remember when you buy disposables, you’re buying garbage!

 *Party sales up to $499.00 Host earns 10% store credit, Party sales $500.00 to $1499.99 Host earns 12% store credit, Party sales over $1500.00 Host earns 15% store credit.

 **10% back for Guests is in store credit form to be used on future order.  Credit is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer except for doubling credit by hosting a new party with 3 unique guests.

 ***To qualify for free shipping the entire party order must ship to one location.  Free shipping does not apply to birth tubs.


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