Take the cloth diaper challenge & save up to $300!

Are you not sure if cloth is right for you and your family? Maybe your kids are closer to potty training and you’re not sure if cloth will really save that much…but are you planning for #2 or #3? 

Take the cloth diaper challenge: with just one cloth diaper a day, you can save up to $300 per child and 200lbs of landfill waste! Go for a cute all in one, use it when it’s convenient for you, and help do your part for the Earth! 

Why Use Cloth Diapers?
1. Great on baby because it’s soft on their skin with no harsh chemicals and/or plastics. (You’ll notice your baby will have less diaper rashes when you use cloth!)
2. Great on the environment.  The average baby in disposable diapers contributes about 2 TONS of waste to landfills.  Plus, the stool should be rinsed down the toilet not thrown into the landfills where it leaches into the ground.  (Read the back of your disposable diapers to see that you are supposed to dump the solids before your throw them away!)
3. Great on your budget! Disposable diapers can cost $2,000 to $4,000, while a complete cloth diapering system (from birth to potty training) can cost as little as $300! Plus you can use the diapers again on baby #2, #3, etc! You can’t reuse disposables!  So, really the savings could be thousands upon thousands!!!

Basic types of cloth diapering systems: 

2-Piece Diaper System: Diaper (absorbent part) and Cover (waterproof outer) – These are items purchased separately and they need each other to work.  Most parents use a Snappi instead of pins to secure the diaper before adding the cover but that is optional.  Change the diaper and reuse the cover throughout the day! Also available in a hybrid version where the diaper (absorbent part) is biodegradable and can be thrown away! 

All in One Diapers: Like the Name, these go on and off like a disposable would with either Velcro (aplix) and/or Snaps

Pocket Diapers: These are a 2 or 3 piece system, but you change the whole thing each time.  These are my favorite!!! 🙂 

If you decide to take the challenge, please email sara@diaperparties.com for more information!  

If you bought one cloth diaper every time you bought a pack of disposables, it won’t hit your wallet as hard and you can slowly make the transition until you feel you have enough cloth diapers to stop relying on the disposables!


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