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Hi There, Momma or Momma-to-be! I’m glad that you’ve stopped by and that means you’re either looking to save some green$$$, looking to live more green or maybe a little of both! If you are then cloth diapers are right up your alley ūüôā

Being a cloth diapering mom, I understand how overwhelming and hard it can be to choose the cloth diapering system that is right for you! I learned by buying different types of diapers until I finally had the right system for me. But that took some trail and error plus a lot of referrals and online reviews, so when I heard of DiaperParties.com I couldn’t wait to become a¬†consultant. ¬†I think it’s going to be so much fun and exciting to help moms and moms-to-be throw a diaper party where you could look at the different options, try them out, talk about them together, etc…

I’ve partnered up with Everything Birth Inc & Diaper Parties recently to become a diaper party consultant¬†and my kit¬†is here!!!¬† I’m going to be selling cloth diapers (and much MUCH more) via Diaper Parties.¬†¬† If you would like to get a look at the inventory, please go to Everything Birth.¬†¬† If you know what you’d like to order please contact me and I can order the product for you or use the link below.¬†¬† If you’re not sure and you want to see and feel the diapers first then lets have a party or a one on one consultation!

Hosting a party is similar to hosting Party Lite or Tupperware party except this is to learn more about cloth diapering and to see, feel and test out some diapers before you commit to buying anything. I also have lots of baby slings/wraps that you can see, test, feel, etc. and I can give you recommendations and info on the many other products we offer (herbal baby care, organic toys, mommy care products, birth supplies, etc.).

As a hostess you invite all your friends over (themed parties are always fun or how about a potluck party?) and as the hostess you will receive a 10% credit on the total purchase from your party! Let’s say your party has sales of $500 worth of diapers then you receive $50 in store credit, it’s that simple! Plus, everyone who orders at the party gets free shipping which includes ANY items you purchase (birth tubs/pools are not included with free shipping).

Need more info or not quite sure yet? Contact me at sara@diaperparties.com


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